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The Birth of The Daiquiri Whacker

The number one question I get:         How did you come up with this Idea?

The Answer:  I was Drunk, bored, and mad at my weed whacker!

The Real Answer: I was on a houseboat trip in 1990, and someone had a homemade version of a gas powered blender. I thought,  Too Cool.... I have to have one!!!  Fortunately, being an aerospace machinist, getting a crude version up and running was relatively easy. Then came all the requests. I want one!!  Make me one.  me too!!!!   When I told them how much it would cost, the reply was always the same. "That's way too much money!!" Oh well, that's what they cost to build. Gotta pay to play! I wanted to build blenders for them, but the $600.00 price tag always killed their enthusiasm.

All I need to do is make them affordable.      The hard part...

Then, fate stepped in. I took a job as a programmer for a plastic injection mold shop. The idea hit me one day as I drove to work.....I could build a mold for the base, and mass produce the blender!!!!!!!

Ten years later....  SR Leisure Time Products, and The Daiquiri Whacker have come to be my pride and joy!

            The Daiquiri Whacker Mold