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Here are a few shots of the Blender in action!

Jim is having fun NOW!!
Can you find the Daiquiri Whacker?
Who needs Hue Hefner?

Have Blender, Will Travel
The Mobile Assault Bar at Burning Man!
Blend with a friend!!!!!

Blender Boy getting a refill

I hear blender drinks will put hair on your chest...

Will you make me a Margarita?  PLEASE!!!!!

No Houseboat is complete without
 The Daiquiri Whacker!!
Gentlemen, Start your Blenders!

Another Satisfied Customer!

Blender Safety!

Hi Steve, We have been running your Blenders for 4 or 5 years now. They are the life of the party. We had 130 people this year. Went through 42 bags of ice through the blenders. This big politician was there, he came up to me 8 times, and said these were the best drinks he has had in his life. Rock on-- Cape Cod--Massachusetts.


Hi Steve,
I just wanted to forward a picture from the Super Bowl Champs new
stadium.  The Daiquiri Whacker made the trip to Super Bowl Champs new
stadium. the tailgating party.
We love it!!!!  Pamela Curran